Value for money web design in Singapore! in Marine Terrace, East Singapore


If you're looking for affordable and reliable web design with a reliable service, carry on reading.
For a low price of $888 you get
1 x Mobile site for phone like Samsung GS3 or Apple
1 x Tablet site like iPad or Galaxy Note/Tab
1 x website
1 x domain (
1 x email
1 year hosting
*if you want to remove certain elements, we can arrange it such and give you a discount on the final price.
all built on a Joomla CMS which if you want to upgrade can do so easily later.
No contract!
No hidden fees!
For just $74 a month!
There may be cheaper packages out there but here's why you should choose us
1. We own the servers we host our websites on with 19 hours of on call support.
This makes a big difference as you don't have to open a ticket to get support. You make a phone call and we're on it.
2. You own the code.
You're not renting a website. All IP is yours once we're completed.
3. No tags
Don't look like an unprofessional business using free online software which tags where you created the site until you sign up.
Whether you're a new entrepreneur starting an Internet business or you're an enterprising individual providing a service, you need a solid website that is stable, reliable and can communicate your service when is required for ALL DEVICES.
Don't try and save some money by attempting to do things yourself or signing yourself to the wrong company in a contract.
It only takes around 4-7 days and you can have your company website up.
We also have very attractive e-commerce packages available. Get in touch for any queries.
Here's a few sample sites